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Since time out of mind, wild mushrooms and fruits have been cooked as a mouth-watering delicacy, highly valued in seasonal cuisine, mainly in autumn. A lot has been written about this along history, creating mythic characters, magically wrapping its setting: gnomes, goblins, witches, etc… mysterious beings that lived in their interior.

In the old days, tasting these products was reserved to privileged ones who knew edible mushrooms and who kept in secret areas where mushrooms grew once per year, passing on this information only to their children.

Nando Silvestre
Nando Silvestre
Nado Silvestre

What would happen to those country people who had to stay at night in the forest with their cattle or those travelling… If they would have not found some wild blackberries or wild strawberries to alleviate thirst and give their palate a small whim to keep on hard walk. Those housewives that in tough times went to the forest to pick up some berries nature offered, cooking best jams and compotes ever tried.
Is there any more natural product that wild mushrooms and wild berry fruits?

Nowadays, using most modern preserving technology, whereas Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) or dehydrated along with fresh in season Nando Silvestre offers all their products year round. All products are mycological tested and free of risk.

Nando Silvestre
Nando Silvestre
Nando Silvestre

Our personnel are well trained to recognize all edible and non-edible species.
All mushrooms are checked by mycological experts before selling
Only well picked-up mushrooms are accepted. Product must be in baskets or ventilated containers allowing mycelium falling in the forest and favouring sustainable recollection.
In season, we freeze product on same day it has been picked-up, managing to get a “super-fresh” frozen product

What would an amateur picker said some years ago if he knew that he could enjoy Amanita Caesarea, Boletus Edulis, Morchuela or wild strawberry all year round?

With our ingredients “ready to use”, Boletus Pieces, slices, whole, sorted by size, mushroom mixes... we cut time cook needs to prepare his recipe, guaranteeing always high quality in our products.

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