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Jam CHANTERELLES (Cantharellus) Galician cheese nipple

50 grams of dried chanterelle 500 gramos or frozen, 400 grams of white sugar ½ vanilla bean, a cinnamon stick, three tablespoons of lemon juice, ½ sweet apple.      


Place mushrooms in a bowl with the sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Leave to soak overnight. The next morning we see that the chanterelles have released their water. Place in a pan, add these ingredients and a cup of water and lemon. Cook over low heat for 1 hour. Add peeled and chopped apple and cook everything together for 30 minutes. After this time check if the mushrooms are tender, must take into account that chanterelles are quite hard, and if not so allow more cooking time. If necessary add more water. Once cooked pass through a food processor and leave a very fine puree which has consistency of jam. Put immediately in sterilized glass jars, seal and put upside down to produce the vacuum.
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