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Cannelloni with sautéed MUSHROOMS and prawns

Doce láminas de canelones, 200gramos de colas de gambas 
Boil salted water and two tablespoons of oil, add the pasta sheets one by one and cook al dente. Drain and spread on a dish towel. Cut or hydrate the mushrooms and cut into pieces. Defrost the shrimp tails, peel and cut into two or three pieces. Brown the mushrooms and shrimp. Beat the eggs with the cream and a pinch of salt and pepper. Pour into the pan along the golden mushrooms and shrimp and let thicken, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Fill the cannelloni with scrambled mixture and place in a pan greased lightly with butter. Top with bechamel sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese and broil for a few minutes in the oven.
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